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Issues when setting up a subsidiary in Germany

23.03.2012, 14.00 Uhr - 03.03.2012, 17.00 Uhr | International Trade Building ▪ Taipei

The workshop of the German Trade Office Taipei ▪ Taiwan introduces participants to the major principles of German labor and employment law and demonstrates the dos and don’ts when setting up a subsidiary in Germany:

  • Introduction to German labor and employment law regime
  • Discrimination-free hiring 
  • Content of standard employment agreements
  • Codes of Conduct and compliance aspects
  • Implementation of innovative remuneration models
  • Flexibility in the employment relation
  • Protection of IP
  • Inventions made by employees according to German law
  • Principles of German unfair dismissal law
  • Prevention of risky and time-consuming unfair dismissal law suits

Who should attend: Legal counsel, HR managers and executives of companies considering the set up of a subsidiary in Germany

Speaker: Thomas Kudlek

About German Trade Office Taipei: The German Trade Office Taipei was established in 1981 and is officially registered as a "Foreign Representative Organization". Since then it acts as an intermediary between German and Taiwanese businesses and promotes the exchange between both economies. ▪ www.taiwan.ahk.de

Veranstaltung: German Trade Office Taipei
Referent: Thomas Kudlek
Fachgebiete: Labour & Employment, Corporate & Compliance, IP-Strategy & Due Diligence, Patente & Gebrauchsmuster, Designs & Urheberrechte, Marken & Domains, Ergänzender Leistungsschutz & weitere IP Rechte

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